How to Use Images in Email Marketing – Infographic

Images are probably one of the most effective ways in email marketing to attract the subscriber’s attention to your newsletter.

Images in Email Marketing

Here is a number of facts, tips and tricks on how to use images in emails when working on your email marketing campaign.

There is nothing more appealing than images in emails. They could speak louder than perfectly selected words. Nothing works better when it comes to focusing the attention on a particular aspect of your offer or promotion.

Images stimulate the viewer’s imagination and are easier to remember than text, which works for your brand awareness if you use custom-made visual content.

Still, there is one small trap you should remember about when using images in email marketing. They’re not always displayed immediately after the email is opened. You may feel tempted to use pictures only, but… This way all the subscribers who block images in their inboxes will never get your message. They will delete the email without even knowing the details of your offer.

This Infographic shows you what are specific features of images in email marketing and how to use them to increase your campaigns’ performance. Also, you will find best practices depicted in examples of visually appealing newsletter campaigns.

All you need to know about images in email marketing you will find in this Infographic:

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