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So, I promised you in the beginning, I will tell you about my online marketing journey. I told you how I became a Clickbank affiliate and how I collected my affiliate links. My criteria where worthless, I chose what I told is nice. No keyword research, no trends research, no nothing.

And I started to post my 140 characters messages on Twitter. I opened a YouTube channel and made a lot of videos leading to my affiliate links. I created my Google+ account and posted short texts with my affiliate links. I opened my Facebook page and posted there also, with or without images, with my affiliate links.

I posted my affiliate links everywhere and – nothing happen. I was working hard with Zero results…

Than I heard: “You need to have a website if you want to sell things online”. And I still didn’t want to believe it. Actually, I didn’t even know how to build a website, so I decided, I will do it without a website and make it anyway. I was funny – I can say that now and forgive myself  🙂 

After a while someone gave me the link to Rapid Cash Creation program that teaches you how to build a affiliate website, everything you need to know about: from the niche research to having a complete website up and running, ready to go out in the cyber space.

Watch this short introduction by Julia Rosa, creator of the program, now:

A new decision was born: I am going to learn it and finally be able to build my own websites. So I did, the price was less than $20 and additional I had to invest another 20 bucks to get it all done.

Today I am grateful about this decision. The program was so easy to follow, in the process I created my very first website in the Relationships niche.

Right now I am happy to say that I can build any website at any time if I feel like that.

Last year I was talking about this my new skill with Ricus, a good friend of mine, he is icons and antiques dealer. Than Ricus said: “If you can do that, would you build a new website for me? My website is not attractive and not modern at all, but I am using it because I don’t have any better.”

So I did it for him. Ricus is my best friend and has helped me many times in my life. Here I like to show you this, not that I am trying to sell you icons now 🙂 , but I want to show you what is possible after following the Julia’s program.

If you are interested to learn more about how to build your own affiliate website, please click HERE.


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