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Until I found iWriter, I had worked with various online platforms that connect writers with website owners like myself who need great quality website content for their site. I ended up being disappointed most times when working with these online writing platforms. Sometimes I could get charged a lot for very low quality website content.

However, iWriter was a different experience for me from the beginning. So far I am still one very happy customer  😀 

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A few reasons why I find iWriter convenient and the best website content site for website or blog owners are as follows:

Thousands Of Talented Writers Available
This site offers freelance writers that are very talented. I was able to choose writers based on their experience and their content quality. With four categories of writers to choose from such as standard, premium, elite and elite plus, I was able to make my choice and request content from one of them. I realized I had a choice to either make an open offer and have any random writer write my content or simply make a special request to a preferred writer.

After a couple of random open offers I finally found a writer with a unique writing style to suit my interests. Since then I have been getting nothing short of top-notch and irreprehensible content for my website from iWriter.

also noticed that there are very talented writers available specialized in all fields whether home improvement, online marketing, technology, automotive, food and drinks and the list is endless. With all these writers from around the world I could even get a UK-based article, Spanish, French, Swahili, and even one with a touch of Scottish or Australian phrases if I wanted.

Very Affordable
Something else that I found very attractive about iWriter is that not only do I get quality content from there, but the prices for the content are very affordable. I have never doubted that I am getting the best value for my money.

The price of an article goes in hand with the number of words. If you need a rewrite the cost is also a bit lower. I have found the affordability of this writing website very handy for the times when I needed content in the form of many articles.

I was able to select the word count and pay without breaking the bank. With word counts of between 150 words to 2000 wordswould choose the one that I required. In a couple of hours I always got my quality content ready for posting on my site.

I also noticed that I could make request for an eBook if I had a project with a word count that is more than 2000 words. All I needed to do was pay accordingly and give a couple of days for the work to be complete. The affordability of this site coupled with the quality content I get makes me one of the repeat and long term customers.

Quality SEO Content
On iWriter, I was also able to get quality SEO website content for my websites. This has resulted in the increase of  rankings on major search engines especially Google. With the skilled and professional writers on iWriter, I have managed to receive great-quality SEO content in no time.

I was able to state the keyword, the keyword density and where I needed every keyword placed on my content in my “Special Instructions” section during my ordering process. The writers there followed the instructions to the dot. I then concluded that iWriter is indeed the fastest and most efficient site when it comes to SEO website content too.

The Useful Features
I couldn’t help but notice the other features and functions available on this site. The “Rewrite”  feature for example allows customers to have submitted articles edited by the writers whenever they deem fit.

Requesting a “Revision” to be done on a previously submitted article doesn’t cost a dime. You will only pay for the article when satisfied.

Another great feature is the “Rating” feature where customers and writers can rate each other. Customers can give from 1-5 stars to the writer along with a comment or a tip if they please. Writers can rate customers too and with this feature both, customers and writers, can show their appreciation for a job well done. I always use this feature

Room For Great Relationship With My Writers
I loved the fact that I was able to develop a strong and firm working relationship with my writers. I have included them in my “Favorite writers” list and contact them every time I need great quality content. There is also a messaging feature that allows me to communicate with them whenever I need to clarify something.

There are more benefits that I have experienced with this site as a customer, the above are only a few of them. I now know where to get content for my websites, blogs or even for press releases.

iWriter is a great place to get content for your website.


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