Digital Marketers, If You Sit All Day Try This…

This is a yoga exercise I love the most! You have to do nothing 😉  Could be very relaxing for a lot of us, digital marketers, sitting for many hours at the desk, so I decided to share it here with you. Try this yoga pose to get out all those kinks.

This is how to undo the aches and pains of a stressful day. Enjoy!

“As yoga instructor Jules Mitchell explains in the video above, restorative fish pose is basically the opposite position of the one your body’s stuck in all day. Between sitting at your desk and flopping upright on your couch to watch TV, you’re in a near-constant hunched-over state. Excessive sitting has been shown to deteriorate muscles and make it harder to lose weight, so physical activity like walking, running and yoga is a smart way to combat the havoc it wreaks.

Follow along as Mitchell demonstrates the proper way to unwind in this restful pose. To do it yourself, you’ll need two blankets or yoga blocks and at least a couple of minutes to fully benefit from the move.”
(Credits go to Kate Bratskeir, Food and Health Editor, The Huffington Post)

Source: The Huffington Post



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