How to Create eBook & Lead Magnet In Minutes

Wouldn’t it be great to create eBook looking awesome in less than 30 seconds without even writing a single word?

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However, to create lead magnets for your blog can take a lot of time… You can keep outsourcing them, but that is expensive! In fact it might cost upwards of $497 each time. They simply become too expensive to produce.

Creating lead magnets is a pain! It takes time to write the content and they need to look good. But of course you are sitting on a ton of content right now? Blog content!

It’s true that creating an eBook from a blog post (or even 2 or 3 of your best blog posts) is the absolute perfect lead magnet.

Right now there is a new tool that will take any web page and turn it into a beautiful lead magnet – no designer necessary.

See how it works with this wonderful new tool called Designrr:

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1) Enter the URL
To start a new project first enter the URL. Designrr immediately loads the content in the background, without all the site navigation, advertisements, sharing icons and anything you wouldn’t want in an eBook.

2) Choose a Template
Start immediately with over 12 project templates. Afterwards you can completely customize it by changing images, fonts and styles.

3) Tweak and Tune
Tailor and adjust your book to suit your style. Choose images from Designrr copyright free image search or upload your own.

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Change font styles, the cover, headers and footers and finally add a call to action.

4) Publish
Publishing with one click you are creating a beautiful PDF eBook or Lead Magnet.

The pdf is also stored in your account so you can access it anytime and download it to your machine.

Watch the video demonstration on how easy Designrr is to use.

Designrr creates eBooks and lead magnets from any web page. It removes all the ads, social icons, page navigation etc.. so you end up with pure content.

It helps you create a stunning eBook complete with headers/footers/cover page and no need to outsource design help at all.

Finally you publish this as a pdf.

It has to be seen at work to be believed. 


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