Attract Visitors With Custom Video Templates!

Custom Video Templates

Learn how to attract visitors, increase traffic and make money with Custom Video Templates!

It is nearly impossible to find any decent “static” videos to use as a background video for the squeeze pages, sales pages, Green Screen work, or as an element in the videos..

Why are these kind of beautiful outdoor background videos so hard to find? Well, there are 5 reasons:

First of all, any “natural” videos like this usually are taken with a moving camera which destroys the effect.

Next.. the videos are usually only 10-15 seconds in length!

Third.. The sites that offer this cost $100/mo. or more.

Fourth.. Public videos of this kind are almost always restricted in use.. Beware of Google and the lawyers!

Lastly, for Green Screen use, the videos have to be set exactly right to look natural as a background to a person standing in front of it. For instance, brightly sunlit scenes won’t match up right, nor do videos, pointing up, or down, etc.

Todd Gross has eradicated all those problems with this collection. If you have ANY interest in making money with videos, check it out right HERE.


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