Affiliate Marketing for Beginners – How To Start

So, today is the day that I am going to show you from my experience what you will need to start your affiliate marketing journey. It has not to be perfect, you have not to be expert, you will learn down the road. Important is your willingness to learn and grow.

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First you will have to find out, what Niche are you going to dive in. What the Big Boys are teaching is that you should choose one of the Big Three:
#1 Internet Marketing
#2 Weight Loss
#3 Relationships

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It’s not so much about what you personally like, but more about what is the market asking for. If there is a big demand on the market for something that you are also really passionate about, than it would be the ideal combination.

Second, you have to look for a great product that is actually selling. Where do you find this? There are many Market Places / Affiliate Networks to choose from:
#1 Clickbank
#2 JVZoo
#3 Max Bounty
#4 Market Health
#5 CJ Affilate (former Commission Junction or CJ)

What I prefer to use is Clickbank. They are paying high affiliate commissions. There is no approval to become a Clickbank Affiliate. All you need to do is to open an account and you get immediately access to the Affiliate Marketplace.

It’s very easy to search for a product if you know what Niche you are in. You can set the search filters to make it easier for your choice of product to promote. If you don’t know what Niche you are in yet, you can set filter to Price >$25 and Gravity >50 (in the left search menu) or to Popularity (on the top).

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And, the last, but not the least, when you have found a product you have to open the sales page to check if there is a Clickbank Seal, than it is good to go.

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Now you have the product to promote. What you need next is a place to expose this product to the world, so you can start making money with it. What place am I talking about? I call it your “Presence Online” – an affiliate marketing website.

You probably think: Why do I need a website, I can send potential buyers directly to the sales page. Yes, you can. That’s exactly what I was doing in the beginning when I didn’t know what I was doing.

In online marketing, in any marketing I guess, you have to do your best to be UNIQUE. This you can never achieve if you send the customers to a standard sales page, no matter how beautiful this sales page might be.

Now maybe you think: but I have no idea how to build a website and I have not thousands of dollars to pay for a website and hosting and what not…

To find out how to learn for less than 20 bucks to create your affiliate website, from buying a domain name to the moment that your website goes live, read my article about Your Presence Online. There I am telling my story of how I have learned to build my websites and blogs. You can learn it too and you can thank me later  😎 

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