7 Steps to Success in Content Marketing

Marketers who do content marketing haphazardly usually find it ineffective, and often give up. This post will outline 7 steps to help you stay productive with your content, and includes ideas for coming up with topics, regularly creating great content, and distributing it to your audience.

1. Use a formula to come up with engaging topics.
One of the hardest parts of content marketing is coming up with new content ideas. You need to continually come up with new points of view on old topics that are still of great interest to the public. The main thing is to figure out what your audience actually wants to read.

Content Marketing

To ensure you always have access to a fresh stream of new content ideas, you should have a plan or formula in place. Use tools like Buzzsumo to find topics that have already proven popular or scan popular sites for headlines you could adapt to fit your topic.

2. Get organized using tools.
Content marketing is time-consuming, but tools can make it faster and more effective. A quick Google search will reveal tools to help you minimize distractions, come up with content ideas and schedule your blog and social media posts.

3. Use an editorial calendar.
Producing too much content can sometimes be as bad as not creating enough. When you constantly bombard your audience with content, you don’t give them time to really absorb it.

On the other side is that if you don’t produce enough content, your audience may forget about you or even “unlike” or “unfollow” you.

This is where an editorial calendar is so valuable. Have a plan for how often you’ll create and promote your content, and stick to it. Your calendar doesn’t have to be fancy, it just needs to be.

4. Set aside uninterrupted time for writing.
If you always do your own writing, it’s important to schedule in chunks of time each day to actually write. If you don’t mark this time in your calendar, other tasks and activities will move in to fill that space.

To become a more productive writer, log out of your social media accounts and turn off your phone and email notifications. Give yourself a limited amount of time to get x amount of work done, and then try your best to stick to it.

5. Outsource some of your content marketing.
If YOU’RE the bottleneck that’s slowing down your content production, it’s time to outsource some of your content marketing-related tasks. Hiring competent writers can make a huge difference, not only in terms of speed and efficiency, but in terms of the quality of your content.

6. Have a consistent distribution plan in place.
Creating content isn’t enough. You need to get it in front of the people who really matter: who will read, share and comment on it. This is where a content distribution plan helps.

Each time you hit the “publish” button, there should be a set of steps you follow to make sure that content gets seen. It could be sending the content out to your email list or posting a link on social media.

7. Reuse and repurpose content.
Creating new content is more expensive and time-consuming than recycling or rewriting it. If you’ve been in the content marketing game for a while, you likely have tons of content just waiting for a second chance at life.

To be productive as a content marketer, you just need to be smart about how you’re spending your time. These 7 steps will ensure you use your time as effectively as possible, getting right content in front of the right people at the right time.

Credits go to John Rampton
Source: Entrepreneur


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