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This continuously changing digital world doesn’t leave us alone. It keeps nagging and disrupting our comfort zones. And just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water…

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Among all this changes we know that we should be doing something. Adapting, evolving and embracing opportunity. Disrupting ourselves. Or at least starting to understand what you need to do to succeed in a digital world.

But the excuses to not strike out on your own, the still small voice of doubt and fear persists.

The challenges don’t go away and it has us resorting to excuses. These are the sort of rationalizations that may have already popped into your consciousness:

> I am too old.
> I am too busy.
> Why would anyone want to hear what I have to say.
> I am not smart enough.
> The technology is complicated.
> I don’t have enough money.
> I’m an introvert.

They are the nagging doubts that mock us in the quiet hours of the night.

1. I Am Too Old
Let’s dive into the ”too old” excuse.

In reality it is just a cop-out. A reason to keep wearing the slippers and sipping tea when it should be champagne and Red Bull. A justification that stops you hiking in Kathmandu or exploring the Amazon for the first time.

This one should be left on the shelf along with the memorabilia and the old habits that trap us in reminiscing of past glories and lost youth.

Its not your capability that is the problem. It’s where your head and heart is at, that is the issue.

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Maybe we need to be reminded that sixty is the new forty!

2. Too Busy
I am too busy follows closely behind. For many family, work and life often get in the way. Nothing wrong with that. Still not a good enough reason to put off creating and making your life something of consequence.

Maybe it’s time to commit to “that” one habit and leave a legacy. Want more on that, then check out “This One Habit That Transformed My Life”.

3. Why Would Anyone Want To Hear What I Have To Say
We all bring our own genius into the world and that is your story.

Your first steps in sharing your thoughts become maybe curating, and then you will find your own voice.

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Many great singers and bands started out singing covers. But in the end they found a way to create their own song and share their own genius with the world.

4. I Am Not Smart Enough
The rise of the social web has made the smart and the successful obvious and very public. We often sit on the sidelines and feel unworthy. We ask….How can I compete with them?

It’s time to embrace the truth that we all have our own genius.

Step up to the plate and start making your passion, your insights and your intelligence visible. That doesn’t happen by writing business plans. That comes from creating and publishing.

5. The Technology Is Complicated
It has been said that “The geeks will inherit the earth“. The world of digital and technology and its associated computers and software has now made the scientist sexy. I get this. Because the geek and I are on different planets.

The reality is that for most of us the solution is to just outsource a geek. You can find them on Freelancer or Upwork.

6. I Don’t Have Enough Money
Starting needs to be kept simple.

The world of tech used to be madly expensive. But the access to global freelancers has changed that equation. Free and easy to use tools are widely available.

I started my business with a $10 domain name. It can be that simple.

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7. I Am An Introvert
This one often comes from the schoolyard. We all know about the jock and the extrovert who gets all the attention. It’s hard to compete with that.

But – the social web has given the introvert a voice. The writers, the quiet creatives and even the bloggers can now be discovered.

Transforming Your Life
If you push past those excuses, then life becomes a different adventure.

Pushing past the doubts and just “starting” opens access to a world that has maybe only existed in your imagination.

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What would your life look like in 2 years or 5 years if you make the steps required to live a life you imagined? Here are some to get you thinking, dreaming and moving:

Live in the house you want.
Live in the place you love.
Be able to do the things you want to do when you want to do them.
Its called Independence. That’s true Freedom.

What Is The Cost Of Giving In To Those Excuses?
Giving up on your dreams. Accepting a life that is a shadow of the real you. Discarding the thought that life was an adventure to be seized. Not being the master of your own Universe.

Yes…. embracing the pain and pushing past the discomfort means a lot of unlearning.

The opportunities and freedom to live a life you love while earning the money you want has never been easier.

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It’s time to choose your super power and make it a reality.

Credits to: Jeff Bullas
Source: JeffBullas.com

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