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Today I scrapped all of my online marketing tools that I am using from the beginning of my online journey until now, 18 of them so far. It might help if you have decided to market online, but don’t know where to start. My intention is to put them here below in an chronological order, as they became a part of my arsenal. (The first one is the Big G, but I will not put it on the list. It’s to obvious and maybe you are using just another Search Engine.) 

Online Marketing Tools 18

18 Online Marketing Tools:

1. Clickbank When I started thinking about making money online, my first search words were “how to make money on internet”. So I came out at Clickbank and became their affiliate.
2. CBProads  In the beginning I still had no website of my own, so I was happy when I found the CBProads, it made it possible for me to promote and sell the Clickbank products even without having my own website.
3. CashBlurbs  is also a great tool to spread the word. You should check it out. There is free and paid version of it.
4. Rapid Cash Creation  Was so important to me, with this program I learned how to build a WordPress website on my own.
5. iWriter  I discovered in the process of learning how to build a website. I needed the content and iWriter is a great tool to get it, written or rewritten.
6. Namecheap  is the place for me to buy a domain name. Very easy and effective tool.
7. Expired Domains  is a great place if you want to get a domain with high DA (domain authority) from the beginning for your new website. There you find it and when you get it, you can still buy it from Namecheap (in most of the cases).
8. Hostgator  is the hosting I am using and recommending. Love it because of great cPanel and outstanding Support.
9. ZeroBounce  is a paid WordPress plugin that helps to get the bounce rate of your website down to Zero.
10. ProStyler EVO Theme is another great tool I have. It is a Retina Ready multipurpose WordPress platform. Your website will look perfect on any sharp resolution screens. In under two minutes you can install ProStyler Theme in either your WP dashboard or via FTP. As newer versions of ProStyler Theme are released your theme will AUTOMATICALLY update! No need to reinstall EVER.
11. GetResponse  was the first autoresponder I got when I was learning about the follow up messages and how to sell the products using email list. I am still using this for some email lists.
12. aWeber  was the next autoresponder I got. Now I get used to aWeber and use it for almost all the new things.
13. JVZoo  is another great place to find the products to promote. JVZoo requires affiliate approval, which is not the case with Clickbank.
14. MaxBounty  is a great source for CPA offers, requires affiliate approval too, but fear not – it’s easy to get.
15. VidPenguinePRO  If you are really into the Video Marketing than this is a MUST. There is no other way out there to rank your videos faster than that. There is lifetime, annually and monthly version of it.
16. Canva  is a cool tool to create or customize images. Free to use.
17. 123rf is also a good place to look into if you need images, free or paid, for your blog posts or ads.
18. ImageChef  is a small, fancy tool I sometimes like to use (not just for the business). It’s free and it’s FUN 🙂 

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