12 Social Media Marketing Tools

Are you looking for some new apps and tools to add to your social media marketing toolbox? Or wondering which graphics, analytics, and productivity tools can help streamline your workflow?

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For you I presented in this article 12 of 23 tools and apps shared in the Social Media Marketing podcast’s Discovery of the Week.

#1: Taco
The Taco app lets you combine tasks and tickets from different places, such as Trello, Evernote, and email, into one master to-do list. It’s a major timesaver.

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Sign up for free at TacoApp.com and connect it to all of your other services. Taco will connect to more than 35 services such as Asana, Basecamp, Evernote, Highrise, Slack, Wunderlist, Gmail, and even an RSS feed.

#2: Grammarly
Even when you post something on social media that you think is perfect, people sometimes comment with corrections. Grammarly is a great way to spell-check your social media posts. You either misspelled something or used the wrong spelling of a word. Grammarly fixes that.

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#3: Typeform
If you want to create cool forms on the web, try Typeform. You can create a questionnaire on Google forms or SurveyMonkey, and Typeform similar, but it’s much more visually appealing.

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It’s fun to take their surveys because it’s easy, looks cool, and has an awesome user interface.

#4: Twitter Analytics From AgoraPulse
Twitter Analytics gives you information about your tweets and the audience for your Twitter account, but Twitter Analytics from AgoraPulse is a free tool that also allows you to compare your Twitter account to others.

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#5: Grytics
It’s a hassle to identify the most engaged people in the Facebook group you run for your business. Grytics is a great tool to analyze your Facebook groups.

Grytics gives you statistics based on your most active members, engagement, and activity scores. Plus, you can see which were the top posts in your group.

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When you open a post from your Facebook page’s insights, it tells you how many people liked it and breaks down reactions and clicks. Grytics gives you that kind of data on each Facebook group post and then carries that over into the group members.

#6: Patch
A smart portrait editing app for iOS, Patch,  automatically edits your images and simulates a blurred background effect that lets the subject of your photo stand out.

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You can use images from the built-in camera on your phone, uploaded images, or imported photos from your camera roll. So if you’re at a conference and take a bunch of awesome selfies, you can process them afterward!

#7: Slim Lists for Trello
Slim Lists for Trello is a Chrome extension that’s a cool hack for Trello users.

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Trello is a project management tool that’s web-based (and free). The browser extension works in Chrome on both PC and Mac.

Slim Lists for Trello takes your existing Trello boards and reduces the width. Trello has different cards that are ranked and sorted into lists. This will give you all (or at least most) of the information, reduced up to about 50%. Doing this allows you to fit more on your screen.

#8: Senders
Senders is like having caller ID for email. Senders pulls information based on a sender’s email account and lets you know all about him or her.

It will give you the person’s name, title, and bio, along with links to his or her Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook accounts. It shares last tweets, their Twitter follower count, and links to the Google search for that person.

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You can even go into Senders with your own account and edit your information.

#9: OneTab
A cool app that helps you manage the overload of tabs on your browser is OneTab. For instance, you have a bunch of tabs open and you realize your computer is bogging down; however, you don’t want to lose all of those tabs. That’s where OneTab comes in.

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Install the Google Chrome or Firefox extension and when you click it, it sends all of your tabs into one tab as a list of clickable links.

#10: Darkness – Beautiful Dark Themes
Night mode is often an easier-on-the-eyes version of the user interface. The white portions of a browser or an app turn to a dark gray or pitch black and the text becomes white.

Now, a Chrome browser plugin called Darkness – Beautiful Dark Themes brings night-mode to your evening web surfing and Facebooking.

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If it gets to be 7:00 or 8:00 PM and you’re still on your computer, switch on Darkness. This is great if you have a hard time sleeping after staring at the bright screen on your computer and it helps reduce eye strain.

#11: Crowdfire
Crowdfire, a web app for iOS and Android, lets you publish to Twitter and Instagram, engage with your followers, clean up your followers, find new followers based on keywords, and schedule based on the best times to publish.

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Because Instagram’s API doesn’t allow scheduling, Crowdfire walks you through the process of creating content on your smartphone and allows you to save it in a hopper. The app then pings you at the scheduled time so you can manually publish your post.

#12: Prisma
Prisma, available on iOS and Android, takes your images, whether you take the photos in the app or import them, and applies artistic filters.

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Prisma is easy and intuitive to use. There are a variety of artistic filters so you can make your photos come across as brushstrokes, like it’s hand-drawn, Van Gogh or Picasso style, and more. It’s a great way to transform your profile pic into an artistic rendering of yourself.

Back to You
Social media tools are constantly evolving to help marketers improve their content, save time, and be more productive. Check them out and see which ones work best for you.

Credits go to: Michael Stelzner 
Source: Social Media Examiner 

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