W e l c o m e !

Welcome to my new born website! I have built it for a reason. But let me introduce myself first:

Vera JirakMy name is Vera Jirak and I am entrepreneur, volunteer and hobby photographer.

Amsterdam, Netherlands, is my hometown and I love living here. Everyone says that Amsterdam’s beauty and mentality are apart from all the other places in Netherlands and that’s so true.  It’s all in the spirit of “Live and let live” 😎 

But now back to my reason for building that website. My Story. I want to tell you how I started with online business and how I became affiliate marketer…

It all began about already 4 years ago when I made decision to look for a better way to live life and help others. The idea was to find it on internet. But I was alone, nobody around to show me the way…

And you know how it goes, I guess.  All this shiny objects and you think, oh, that’s so easy! So I kept buying products, one after one, trying to do something with this and of course failed. Buy, try, fail, buy, try, fail, frustrated, unhappy.

It reminds me of the proverb I have learned at school: ‘Veni, Vidi, Vici’, means: I came, I saw, I won. But we made up our own version of it, when we skipped the school: ‘Veni, Vidi, Fugi’, means: I came, I saw, I escaped.  😉 

Next I started ‘playing affiliate marketing‘, I must say that. You know, I came to Clickbank, opened an account and started collecting my affiliate links. But than what? How to sell it, how to make money out of it?

Now I know that I didn’t even know what I actually didn’t know. I had no idea what is traffic, what is SEO, what is to have your own website. My knowledge was zero, a BIG ZERO.

Affiliate Marketing - I've not idea what I'm doing For some time I was a member of BIM, I did not make any money of this, still it was good for me in one point. There I started to learn: about mindset, setting goals, internet marketing, affiliate marketing, traffic, list building, auto-responders etc. And that’s what I am grateful for. There I’ve learned a lot.

Now I am affiliate marketer and still learning in the process. You can never learn to much. Online Marketing is an living thing, developing and growing and you have to develop yourself and grow too.

My plan is to share with you the secrets out of my tool box. All the products that I have been using and am still using in my affiliate marketing, video marketing, email marketinglist building, getting traffic, building websites, autoresponders… The rest, the bad products, I just want to forget.

So, if you want to follow my story and reviews to come, you are invited! W e l c o m e ! 🙂


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